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Welcome to OneDegree

By Virginia Lucett on July, 9 2020

What is OneDegree? We know the question is coming because the name probably doesn't make sense to you right off the bat.

But maybe it will when we explain what we're trying to do here.

We're working to elicit change in our industry.

And as you know with change, to be successful it should be done in micro-steps. Carefully chosen to not scare people away. And when we create micro-changes, just one degree at a time, we can make a world of difference in how we react, engage, how we shift our perceptions and behaviors.

We've been in the brain lab testing different recipes for success. We've been working to bring relevant ideas, people and conversations to the table.

You can expect great video interviews with construction leaders, case studies on companies who are doing things that will make you wonder "why didn't I think of that?". We will be showcasing leaders who have opinions, and technologies that can impact your job sites. 

While our focus will be on safety, we will be keeping an eye out for other important factors like operations, change management, business insights, and technology.

While the times might seem daunting, we know the future is bright...

We revamped the look and feel of this site to bring a friendlier, positive vibe to what can be a sometimes drab conversation - we are talking about safety in one of the world's most dangerous occupations.

It's our goal to help bring safety to the forefront in construction.

To take away the stigma that might shadow this crucial niche of operations.

To engage you in vibrant conversations about how we can work together to make construction safer, more productive, and more innovative.

To ensure we're making a positive impact in the industry we love so that the people you love, can continue to enjoy you coming home everyday.

If you have topic ideas, let us know. If you want to be interviewed, connect with us on LinkedIn. If you just want to sit back and see what OneDegree has to offer, well, welcome to the group.

Being a part of OneDegree means you are an agent of change... and this is your first micro-step!


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