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[WEBINAR] Staying Out of Trouble at the Jobsite-to-Public Space Interface

By One Degree Editorial Team on December, 4 2019
HammerTech | Webinar ENR

Even on well-run jobs with highly experienced crews, site safety managers have their hands full staying on top of training and certifications and monitoring activities for unsafe conditions and practices.

But no matter how well-managed the project is inside the gate, the public space outside marks a dangerous frontier of risks and liability through which workers, materials and equipment constantly pass. Keeping control of that flow, especially on tight, urban building sites, is a high-stakes tightrope walk of politics, diplomacy, monitoring, and sometimes fear.

During this webinar, we will talk with site safety managers about how they manage the risk, and what technologies are available to help.

Webinar joined by: David Rigden, Head of Environment, Health & Safety, Lendlease, Matt Ogle SMS, OHST, CHST, CET, STSC, CRIS, Senior Safety Manager
JE Dunn Construction Company, Flint Howard, HSE Corporate Director, Flintco, LLC.




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