It's pretty glossy to call yourself a "global company". In fact, many aspire to be one. But that also means you might forget that most business is local. And while you may have branches that reach different ends of the world, what happens in your neck of the woods, matters greatly.

Especially when it comes to construction. 

HammerTech has recently become a global construction technology company, opening up offices in the United States. Having been born and bred as a company in Australia, this has been a giant step for us, but that also means we need to be hyper-focused on NOT losing the memory of where we came from and why we are able to be global. And that means we need to stay grounded in our local Australian roots (something we're not shy to talk about).

When we decided it was time to grow, one thing we promised ourselves internally was that if we wanted to be a global company, we had to always think, live, and breathe local.

And that's why we created Master Series. Master Series is a local construction discussion we're hosting in regions around Australia and the US. It's centered on giving local construction leaders and companies a platform to discuss issues impacting their businesses and communities. These can be higher reaching topics like the future of construction or the global construction economy. Or they can be more hyper-focused like how to manage worker safety in climates so hot you're afraid of burning alive.

The topics are determined and led by in-the-field, day-to-day, live-it-and-breathe-it, construction experts that want to be a part of a mind-share that enlightens every attendee. It's about contributing to something greater than the logos we represent... it's about our industry and the people within it.

Our first hosted event is Master Series | Brisbane, led by construction experts Danny O'Reilly from Hutchies, Kristina Kucan from BA Murphy, and Sal Palay from Kane Construction. They'll be discussing , Safety & Technology: Choosing, testing, and implementing the right software for your business.

It's our first in the series and we're quite excited about it really. It's our chance to support local construction and do something good. While we don't expect to change the world with these events, we're reminded that what does create change, are small groups of people who are passionate about their purpose and support their local communities. 

Will you be joining us? You can RSVP here. (Oh, just so you know, drinks and canapes are on us... this event is free.)


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